License plate recognition

Object recognition (size, velocity, tracking)

Abnormal event alert (hard shutdown, converse running, throwing objects)

Main Advantages

Sensor fusion is the technology trend

Camera: Sensitive to image color, but poor at distance perception, relying on light and shadow;

Millimeter-wave radar: Accurate speed and distance perception, but low resolution and poor perception of stationary objects;

LiDAR: high resolution, suitable for ranging;

Neuvition LiDAR-Camera AIO Titan M1-T is system integrated, easy to install, and stable in performance.

Version configuration can be customized.

Standard Version: 480-line high resolution LiDAR, 9 million pixels camera;

LiDAR, optional customized collocation of camera performance.

Key Parameter


1-200m @ 20%;Precision: ±2cm




H 45°;V 25°

Field of View

H 0.03°;V 0.05°

Angular Resolution


1” Global shutter CMOS

Sensor type

4096(H) × 2160(V)

Video resolution

32 Kbps~16 Mbps

Compressed output bitrate


Frame Rate


Professional Test, Authority Recognized

broad-band random vibration

broad-band random vibration

mechanical shock

mechanical shock

high temperature resistant

high temperature resistant

low temperature resistant

low temperature resistant

waterproof IP67

waterproof IP67

human eye safety

human eye safety

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