Neuviewer SDK

Neuvition SDK is a C++ integrated development toolkit for various series of LiDAR products of Neuvition. It supports multi-platform integrated development, including Windows x86_64, Linux x86_64,Linux Aarch64 and other platform environments.

The main functions include: LiDAR connection and communication, output of point cloud data, output of video image data, IMU data output, GPS data output, point cloud data stream saving, and other functional data output, etc.
SDK main file:neuv_defs.hpp libneusdk.a / (Linux x86_64, Aarch64) neuv_win_sdk.dll / neuv_win_sdk.lib (Windows x86_64)
Third-party libraries that the SDK depends on: OpenCV / Boost / UUID / Curl Additional PCL-related third-party libraries are required if point cloud display is requested.

SDK Integration Operation Guide

SDK Video Tutorial Material

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