Solid State LiDAR

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-12-23 17:11:53

Self-driving cars require a large number of sensors in order to perceive their surroundings. LiDARs reliably and precisely detect 3D environmental data, which, through computer analysis, enable vehicles to navigate independently. Conventional mechanical LiDARs are large, expensive and not robust enough for automotive applications. Whereas solid-state LiDAR is a promising technology that comes in higher resolution as well as faster, space-saving, more robust and less expensive than conventional mechanical LiDAR systems.

3D LiDAR technology for commercial vehicles plays a key role in implementing complex driver assist systems and applications for highly automated driving, up to level 5. The new generation of Solid State LiDAR sensors provides complete 3D imaging of the vehicle’s environment and a precise perception of complex traffic situations.

Solid-state LiDARs are sensors based on a silicon chip without requiring mechanically moving parts. With MEMS-based mirrors, a laser beam can be directed over the environment without deploying motors or gears.